Derby Day

From May 4th…..

This little dress has always been one of my faves – Lilli wore it when she was one AND two but I kind of doubt our bigger girl will be wearing it that long! It’s just a consignment sale find I got years ago for Lilli, but it’s just always been one of my favorites.  And I’ve always tried to make sure it gets worn around Kentucky Derby day. IMG_0492_adj                                           Abbi at 16 months – goodness, she’s a handful.  If she’s awake she’s climbing, exploring, touching, tearing stuff apart, rearranging the house and always keeping an eye on us to see if we can see what she’s doing because she does know better.  She has a few words now – Hi, Bye, Ball, Momma, Dadda, Dog (Dah), That, Mine (her newest!) and probably a few other versions of words.  She loves spotting birds and airplanes in the sky and can follow a lot of commands (like taking stuff to Lilli, brushing her teeth, washing hands, etc.) IMG_0497_adjusted                                           She probably eats more than Lilli and doesn’t really save us anything in buying Kids Meals at restaurants.  Her favorites are rice, mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, and the girl LOVES watermelon.  She’s doing great with using her spoon on her own, too. IMG_0512_adj                                     IMG_0621                                               She is definitely our independent, strong willed blonde haired blue eyed toddler. IMG_0647

She’s never met an Oreo she doesn’t like. IMG_6408

Chip went missing while we were on vacation.  Our neighbor who was feeding the cats felt like he’d been gone several days since the cat food wasn’t going very fast.  Chip is definitely our home body, he’s most always out in the yard or on the deck and loves to follow Pippin around in the yard.  Anytime we’re working in the yard Chip is usually hanging nearby and is much more social than Dale.  So we were definitely bummed that he had been missing for several days.  I sent an email out to the neighbors, but Sunday afternoon as I was working in the yard he came running up.  He seemed tired and a bit skinnier, but otherwise fine.  He was hungry and rested in the garage the rest of the day but ever since then he’s been back to normal. IMG_5265

Naturally Lilli was happy to see “her” cat.  Chip is definitely tighter with Lilli and Dale is most definitely Abbi’s cat.  Dale could actually care less about any of the rest of us, which is really strange since Abbi is laying all over him, all the time. IMG_5274

Chip lost no time getting back to normal. IMG_6428

For the first time, ever, I successfully got some broccoli to grow.  And then sadly, last week as it was jut full enough to pick, some horrible caterpillars got all of it.  We were definitely upset about that. IMG_5263

We also finally got Lilli one of the Sonic slushes with Nerds.  This is now her new favorite.  It’s very dangerous having a Sonic this close to our house this summer! IMG_5284                             John Deere vs Jeep.  Love having a back yard big enough for all this fun! IMG_5288                       Summer is for grilling out, both the real kind and the pretend! IMG_5309

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