Cinco de Mayo!

From May 5 – 9 …….

Cinco de Mayo! Of course we had to celebrate with fancy Mexican taco night at home and our tiny little sombrero Brent and I got 15 years ago on our honeymoon in Cancun. IMG_5313                                       Who knew back then all the photo opps that the little hat would be part of? IMG_5328                                       Our girly girl and her love of snails. IMG_6500

Lilli is a big hit in Abbi’s (old) baby room! She definitely misses going in there and being the center of attention! IMG_5345

We took Abbi for her 15 month well baby visit (a little late).  She’s just a hair shorter than Lilli at the same age but weighs a good bit more.  She’s about the weight of an 18 month old Lilli.  She did not love the nurse or her shots that day.  Thankfully after her 18 month visit coming up we’ll get a nice break from shots for a while! IMG_6519

After her appointment I tried to do some work from home.  Nice try…..(and our wireless does reach into the yard, if it weren’t for all the “distractions” it would be an awesome place to work from.) IMG_6529

Brent took the girls out to do some Mother’s Day shopping for me.  Obviously numerous hats, none of which were purchased for me, were tried on. IMG_6597

We had some dinner at McAlister’s.  This girl requires a spoon at all time now.  And sometimes two. IMG_5357

Spoon. Nam Nam Nam. IMG_6637

Obviously our kids are 100% well behaved and a joy to take to any store.  Shopping with them is nothing but a relaxing, pleasurable experience. IMG_6653

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