Mother’s Day 2014

From May 11th…

We had a nice Mother’s Day this year.  For probably the first time Lilli realized it was a day that was supposed to be about me, and I think she wished me a Happy Mother’s Day about a dozen times and would even ask me where I wanted to eat, what I wanted to do, etc. Abbi on the other hand, not so much.  Also, not so much on posing for at least a picture or two.

The “how many hands does it take to hold the toddler in place” pose: IMG_0801_adj

The “only Momma looks good” pose: IMG_0772

The “full on screaming baby and traumatized big sister pose”: IMG_0787_adj

The “as good as it gets before this toddler squirms out of here” pose, also known as the “she’s not smiling but she’s not crying either” pose: IMG_0847_adj

This is generally Abbi’s “stink-eye” pose: IMG_0767

One on one pictures went better, as they generally do. A good picture of the four of us simply doesn’t exist. IMG_0807_adj

This one is one of my faves: IMG_0814_adj

I know Brent’s not crazy about the shadows but I kind of like them… IMG_0822_adj

And of course posing with Lilli is much easier! IMG_0857_adj

In her happy place, just running wild.  This was one of Lilli’s favorite old dresses, her Easter dress from 2010. IMG_0928_adj

Lilli in her happy place, jumping around and running free. IMG_0952_adj

Restaurants are always so crowded on Mother’s Day that we just ate at our neighborhood Moe’s.  I really wanted chips and salsa so it fit the bill. IMG_5429

Abbi discovered salsa and the girl is in love.  (Ironically Lilli discovered salsa right around the same time.) She’ll eat so much and her mouth will get hot, yet she just can’t stop. IMG_5426                                       The girls got me several fun things, including this necklace Lilli picked out – very fitting considering it has all kinds of bugs and beetles on it. IMG_6747

We didn’t do much, which is exactly what I wanted.  I had a nice nap and we spent some time at the playground before calling it a day in their matching “I love my mom” pajamas.  A nap, chips and salsa and a bug necklace? What more could a mom ask for? IMG_6886

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