Girl Life

From May 12 – 17….

Sometimes on tubby nights Lilli will ask to put on makeup or lipstick before her bath.  Thank goodness she still has YEARS of practice ahead of her before we actually let her wear makeup out of the house. IMG_6944

Lilli was upset one night because she said she can’t draw castles, so Brent spent some drawing time with her.  She’s a great artist and very quickly picked up the basic way to draw a castle.  How cute is her Rapunzel castle with Rapunzel’s hair coming down??? IMG_7017                                     Enjoying dinner at one of our faves, Noodles & Company. IMG_5472

These girls can put away some mac and cheese from there!! IMG_5500

Brent is taking the garden incredibly serious this year – grow lights and the works for his little seedlings.  The sunroom has been more of a greenroom all spring long. IMG_7149                                       Brent’s been working on re-doing the terrible mulch job the previous owners had done in the front yard flowerbeds.  He brought Lilli a big fist-full of worms and she couldn’t have been happier.  Ugh. IMG_7163

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