Celebrating Brent!

From May 18-19th….

Since Brent’s birthday was on a Monday we wanted to do something fun Sunday afternoon to celebrate.  After trying to get Lilli to come up with some ideas of something HE would enjoy, and getting past suggestions like Build A Bear and Chuck E Cheese, we settled on doing some hiking since it was a nice day.  Naturally Radnor Lake was completely full with nowhere to park and cars everywhere, so we went to Edwin Warner instead.  Since Abbi is took big for a baby carrier and too small to walk, we needed stroller friendly and EW is great for that.  And shorter trails than Percy Warner, which is great for both girls. Every dandelion got blown along the trail. IMG_5514

The one we did was a couple of miles long, so she and Brent did some racing to get past some of the “boredom” that settled in. IMG_5518

We ended up with this butterfly who kept landing on us.  Otherwise our loud crew scared off most other nature sightings, excluding a chipmunk or two. IMG_7236

The butterfly ended up hitching a ride on each of us at one point or another. IMG_7248                       Abbi was there, in the stroller, we just somehow never managed to get a picture of her riding along, eating her snacks! IMG_7229

Our bluebirds had their babies and Lilli spent many hours serenading them.  They didn’t stick around long, and there’s no signs that the cats got to them first. IMG_5532

For Brent’s birthday I got the girls matching shirts to wear.  I figured I should get a picture of them when I dropped them off since Abbi’s would definitely not be as clean at the end of the day. IMG_5558

Her class went on a stroller adventure downtown that morning since it was nice and cool.  They visited a boot store and tried on some hats and boots.  Hilarious. IMG_7320                                       Brent’s pick for dinner that night was Mexican.  Abbi was jazzed.  And it’s a shame our waiter didn’t realize the longer he completely disappeared with our check was in direct correlation to how much of Abbi’s rice ended up on the floor. IMG_7326

I got Brent his favorite cake – chocolate fudge cake from Publix.  Lilli was mad we didn’t make one, but this is always his request and we definitely know what we each like for our own special days! IMG_1006

I think we can guess who blew out those candles…. IMG_1019

And I think we can tell who enjoyed Daddy’s cake! IMG_5601

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