From May 20 -22….

On Tuesday nights Lilli has gymnastics so we really don’t have time to cook dinner between work and her class, so we always grab some sort of fast foods.  Tues Night is Kids Night at McDs with Happy Meals for $1.99, and since that’s plenty of food for each of us the 4 of us can eat for $8 (plus tax).  Absolutely the cheapest way to eat out for a Fam of 4. IMG_7401                       Going to the library now entails Abbi making a mess of the DVDs, books, etc.  Same as her being in our house, just better with all the people staring.  She is SUCH a handful of busy right now. IMG_7441

Playing with the trains and actual toys are nowhere near as fun as knocking things off the shelves!! IMG_7449

The division I work for had our annual company picnic at a park close to our house again this year.  (Last year post).  This year they had a balloon animal guy right as you walked up and that was the only thing Lilli cared about.  We were running a little late anyway and the line was long, but she wasn’t interested in anything else (including the food….) so we stood in that line for 45 minutes as soon as we got there. IMG_7453

And she got a purple and pink unicorn, that she promptly put in the car (so it wouldn’t get broken) and then has promptly put on her top bunk (also to not get broken) and it’s never been played with since.  Totally worth the 45 minutes and missing most of the food. IMG_7466                                       Abbi had fun running like a wild girl on the playground.  She can climb all the stairs and things on her own because she is fearless and wild and everywhere all at once.   IMG_7474                                       Lilli was excited her future husband Serif was there, so once we got past the balloon line and food, we didn’t see her much. There were worms and slugs and bugs to be found.  On the way home she wanted to know why he still hasn’t moved out here (since we used to live around the block from each other).  I told her to give him a little bit more time. =) IMG_7479                       It was hot, hot, hot and this girl never stops running so when she discovered the snow cone area she was set!! Look at that hot face! IMG_7478

I’m fairly certain we hadn’t even pulled out of the parking lot here.  She got picnicked. IMG_5618                               After Abbi’s nap we got out this little water mat I had bought.  I had thought Abbi would really like it, but it turns out big sis was the only one interested in it.  I think it was still a little intimidating for Abbi. IMG_7490

Having a good time… IMG_7493

Little sis preferred to watch from the garden house… IMG_5631

She did enjoy watching Lilli, just didn’t want to try it for herself. IMG_5644

And that night we finally caught this girl on the roof.  And that is going to be a story all to itself!!! IMG_5689

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