From May 23rd….

Lilli was so excited to see “our” raccoon the following morning.  She had definitely been hoping we’d catch it, and the thing was so cute curled up sound asleep.  It spent the rest of the day trying to tear apart the cage with its crazy claws, and got really mad at Lilli later that day and did some serious hissing and growling at her, so it wasn’t as sweet as people like to make the thing out to be… IMG_5701

After work and school Abbi was pretty excited to see her cat Dale.  Those poor cats.  Her current thing is to try and pick them up. IMG_5725

They really should have given her a “what for” a long time ago.  Especially this afternoon when she was dragging Chip around by the tail. IMG_5738

The new “Bugs” exhibit had just launched at Cheekwood, so we headed out with a picnic dinner from McDs.  On Friday nights all summer they’re open until 10 pm, and even have some live music, so it was a fun family thing to do and it wasn’t crowded at all. IMG_5754                                       The geese were WAY too curious about our dinner!! IMG_5763

Lilli got to be our “leader” and tell us which way to go from the maps.  She was able to find all the big bugs and wanted her picture made with each one.  They were all really awesome and we had a blast hunting for each one all over the grounds. IMG_5777                                       Big scary spider… IMG_5791

She wanted to take a break and play in the kids play area, so Brent and I at least got a few minutes to prop our feet up and relax.  We also walked through the art museum and Lilli felt so fancy. IMG_5815

I think the praying mantis was her favorite.  After it got dark and the lights came on, she wanted to see a couple of them one more time.  The grounds were so pretty at night, and Lilli felt ever so fancy that they got to stay out after bedtime.

IMG_5823                             We’ll definitely be enjoying our Cheekwood membership with a lot more family picnics on Friday nights, and hopefully checking out their Kids activities on Thursday nights soon!   IMG_7622

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