Sleep-over (minus the Sleep)

From May 27-May 30…

Lilli went on her very first friend sleep over to her buddy Amelia’s house.  We tried to convince them to take little sis too, but alas, we were left with the far more high maintenance of the sisters.  Regardless, we felt like we should do something special with her, so we went out to dinner at Moe’s and let her have her way with all the green salsa her heart desired.  She did seem to enjoy the extra one-on-one time, but she also seems pretty confused if Lilli isn’t around. IMG_6127

Lilli and her bud Amelia had a blast.  They’ve been in school together for years, and she’s one of very few friends that I know the parents well enough to let her go anywhere with.  Her mom picked them both up from school and they did a little shopping, got some Chic Fil A, watched Frozen and somehow managed to stay up until 1:30 am.  Seriously.  I don’t think Lilli has ever made it past 11 pm with us, except for the rare emergency room visit, so I couldn’t believe it the following morning when her mom told me that! I think they just giggled in bed for hours. IMG_6128                                       Her mom has a pretty flexible schedule, so she let them sleep until 8:30 and then took them out for donuts before dropping them off at school.  According to the teachers, they were both asleep at rest time before their covers were pulled up, and when I picked up Lilli at 4:30ish, she was back on her mat, under her blanket, coloring.  Hilarious.  She told me it was just like our book “Fancy Nancy and the Too Late Night” and that she just stayed up way too late and was exhausted.  The good thing was that she was too tired to be cranky.  But they had a blast and it sounds like they were both pretty well behaved. IMG_6139

Abbi was mostly glad her sister was home. IMG_6157

This girl loves to brush her teeth.  She’s watched Lilli do it enough that she’ll just climb up on the stool and brush until we take it away, and she throws the biggest fit.  There’s no amount of time long enough for tooth brushing.  I think she likes jamming her toothbrush in for all the teeth she has coming in.  She’ll also try to “spit” – her toothpaste is to be swallowed, but she watches Lilli and wants to do everything she does. IMG_8032

Big sis loves to help little sis wash her hands in the morning.  Those tiny sinks are hilarious.   IMG_6177                                       One day my friend/coworker Kirsten told me Chloe had to come to work with her since her hubby was out of town, so at the last minute we planned a lunch meet-up for the girls.  The girls literally haven’t seen each other since Lilli was one, and Chloe was Lilli’s age now! Even though I’ve seen Chloe and Lilli has seen Kirsten  we’re never all in the same place at the same time.  Lilli was so surprised when we walked in at lunch-time and checked her out for lunch at Chic Fil A in the “Batman” building downtown.  All her friends were so jealous and all of them wanted to know if she was coming back. IMG_6181

The girls had a ton of fun together running around outside on the patio, splashing in the fountain, and doing laps in the revolving door.  And Lilli was also extremely excited to have gone inside the famed “Batman building”.   We had so much fun and hopefully can do that again some other time this summer before Lilli’s done with daycare downtown and starts kindergarten.  And the great part is that she’s old enough not to throw fits when I had to check her back in and head back to work.  (We didn’t even say Hi to Abbi because we knew she’d melt down.) IMG_6192

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