Sprucing Up

From May 31…..

Chip can be found napping in some pretty unusual places.  Our cats may live outside, but they pretty much have it made.  I don’t even see how napping under the grill cover on a sunny day was anything less than sweltering…. IMG_6220

Sound asleep, not a care in the world. IMG_6225

Of course these naps can be disturbed when little sis finds out his hiding spot.  Kinda like how I feel each and every time I try to use the bathroom here at home. IMG_8116

Lilli and I cut out for a little while to go to “Girl Scout Daisy Day”.  They were having a little Girl Scout info session at one of our neighborhood parks.  I feel like Girl Scouts is something she could really enjoy with all the fun outdoor activities and since she isn’t really interested in any team sports this would be a fun way to do something a little different than most of the soccer, dance, etc type activities most kids are into.  She got to do a few little arts and crafts while I talked to the Regional Director about what all they get to do and she loved getting to “play” with some older girls.  They won’t put them in troops until this fall, and she can’t wait to get started.  She did get her very first patch – a Daisy Day patch.  And she’ll be selling cookies this winter, so get your checkbooks ready!! IMG_6237

During Abbi’s naptime, Lilli was a big helper and she helped me clean up the deck and all of our furniture so we could start eating outside more and enjoying the patio.  I don’t know that we’ll get to do much lounging there this summer, but it’s at least really pretty with all our plants and clean space. IMG_8126

Chip wasted no time enjoying it.  We do have a potted cat grass plant for them to really enjoy. IMG_6270

Running around in our garden.  It’s changed SO much since then!! We’ve already gotten a lot of squash, zucchini, cucumber, and some peppers.  We have a ton of green tomatoes.  And the plant in the front turned out to be a “squmpkin”.  We thought it was one of Lilli’s pumpkins coming back again from last year, but it wasn’t running as it should and it looked more like a squash plant to me.  It turns out that when the fruit actually grew it’s yellow and lumpy like a squash but shaped more like a pumpkin. IMG_8139

This is definitely the summer of the Freeze-e-Pop. IMG_6276

We hit up the Y-pool.  Every time I drag Brent there we’re just one trip closer to talking him into getting one for ourselves! She’s still pretty unsure about the whole thing, and hasn’t learned how to stay in one spot for more than five or six seconds.  Going to the pool with her is not a relaxing experience.  And most of the time she’d rather be in the snack bag or stealing juice boxes. IMG_8165

We even did a little S’more cooking. IMG_6314

Pretty sure this girl has never met a food she didn’t like! IMG_6315

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