Sick Momma

From June 1 – 5…

I woke up in the middle of the night so sick.  I first got up at 2 am, and thought maybe something disagreed with me or didn’t settle right, but when I got up a few more time I thought it was probably food poisoning and that we wouldn’t be making it to church that morning after all.  When it finally was morning I felt terrible.  I could barely make it out of bed to go to the bathroom and couldn’t keep anything down.  Poor Brent was left to fend to both the girls.  One time when he came up to check on me, he went back to find that Abbi had fallen asleep in the middle of the floor.  I have absolutely no clue how that happened, these are not girls who EVER fall asleep in public or just drift off ANYWHERE.  Especially Abbi.  I don’t think that girl ever slept through a meal or anything since the day she was born. IMG_8196

Of course Lilli thought it was hilarious. IMG_8197

Around lunch-time I was feeling lonely and wanted to try and come downstairs to have some soup with the family.  Bad idea.  I made it downstairs and completely overdid it, just by walking that “far”.  I was so completely dizzy, got really sick downstairs, and the smell of the food absolutely did me in.  I made it back upstairs, but was even dizzier, sicker, and as Brent tried to help me back to bed I completely blacked out and banged my leg up.  It was pretty unbelievable how wiped out I was.  Brent ended up calling his parents to come and help with the girls that afternoon and they took Lilli out for a little shopping while Abbi napped and then took both of them out to Wendy’s so Brent could hang out with me a little bit and make sure I was okay.  I think I saw every episode of Property Brothers and Love it or List it that day on HGTV.  Of course I kept falling in and out of sleep so I saw very few full episodes! IMG_8210

I started to feel a little bit better and managed to at least keep a bit of dinner down, but I definitely still planned to stay home on Monday and get more rest and recover, and do some work from home.  And the idea of a quiet house seemed pretty nice.  But the following morning when Brent went to get up Abbi she obviously had a touch of the stomach bug herself.  Her stomach had been a bit off all weekend, but wow. We swapped her over to a bland diet, and other than some messy diapers she was totally her very active toddler self.  So my relaxing day of recovery ended up with every person being home, since there was no way I could take care of Abbi and it didn’t make sense to drive Lilli to downtown.  It was a looooong day. IMG_6325

Brent seemed to get a little touch of it, and Tuesday Lilli kept complaining of her stomach hurting but never actually got sick.  Tuesday night she said she didn’t feel like going to gymnastics, so our new rule has become that if you feel sick enough you can’t keep a commitment, you need to hang in your room and rest – no TV or Ipad, but books, crafts, etc are fine in bed.  We don’t want to punish her if she does feel bad, but there’s been a couple of times she has flaked out on things and seemed totally fine and wanted to run around all night. IMG_8273

‘Our garden is coming along nicely! IMG_8271

Little Miss Cutie.  Messiest eater on the planet. IMG_8319

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