CMA Week

From June 5-6…

The first week of June was the annual CMA Festival, the craziest week of all to be in downtown Nashville.  It’s such a traffic pain every year, especially going to get the girls every afternoon.  It sneaks up on me every year, and every year I swear we’ll be on vacation the next year.  Following tradition, my friend Kirsten and I walked around during the Friday of the festival.  I didn’t end up with any pictures of us there together, but just snapped a few of the goings-on. IMG_6346

We always have a good time walking around and enjoying the “free” parts of the festival – there’s plenty of live music and a ton of food samples.  Our fave is always the GrillMasters at the History Channel and the free Blue Bell ice cream! I was bummed I didn’t get to see Bachelorette Andi thanks to a meeting I had later that afternoon.  Bachelor/Bachelorette is totally my guilty pleasure. IMG_6356

Running amok at TJMaxx.  That little wagon had to come home with us.  About 15 minutes later I wished I’d bought two of them to minimize the fighting and tantrums. IMG_6398                       Checking out our “squmpkin”, the result of a squash and pumpkin cross pollinating.  These plants are huge and the fruit hasn’t been very edible, so we’ve pulled up two of the three that came up on their own.  Lilli was so disappointed these weren’t pumpkins that we planted a few more seeds tonight.  They’ll be a little late, but hopefully she can have pumpkins by Halloween. IMG_6452

We spent some time at the Farmers Market in our neighborhood Saturday morning.  It’s not huge, but it has plenty of fresh produce, flowers, local and artisan foods and fresh meat.  It’s not as huge as some markets, but has everything you need. IMG_8382

I gave Lilli some money for a treat or two for herself, and she wanted a bouquet of flowers (ours weren’t blooming yet) and a chocolate chip muffin.  The flower lady made beautiful bouquets for everyone and was so sweet to Lilli making sure she put all her favorite colors in there.  Her picture even got snapped for an article on the Farmers Market for the Brentwood Home Page. IMG_6409

While she was looking at the flowers, Lilli saw one that had a caterpillar on it.  She asked the lady if she could buy that flower so she could have the caterpillar, and the lady made her promise she’d take good care of it.  Lilli was SO excited about watching it turn into a butterfly, and when we got home we looked it up on the internet and it seemed like it should be a Black Swallowtail.  We put it in her Butterfly Keeper and crossed our fingers it would form a cocoon. IMG_6415

The typical backseat activity – Lilli puts something in the middle console (in this case her Sophia karaoke machine that Abbi LOVES) – Abbi has a wingspan that would rival an NBA player and obtains it – whining occurs from the 5 year old, followed by tattling – the 1 year old finds it hilarious and finally gives back her stolen property.  And repeat daily. IMG_8390

Later that afternoon I took Lilli out for a Mommy-Daughter date to see Rio 2.  It had been quite a while since we’d been out to do something fun together, so we were long overdue. IMG_6422                                       It was a cute movie, and there were several fun trailers of things coming up that she wants to see.  I’m definitely excited that in another year or so Abbi will be old enough to enjoy a movie, too! Of course at this point I’d be excited if she’d even sit still enough to watch a 30 minute show. IMG_6425                                         IMG_6442

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