From June 12-14

Synchronized spooning…. IMG_8765

Poor Dale.  Abbi is just in love with her cat and tries so hard to pick him up, all the time.  I can’t believe he’s so patient with her and never even hisses or swats at her. IMG_8785                       The cats got lots of extra attention in the first few days after Pippin dies. IMG_8797

The rear end grab….

On the other hand, our philandering cat Chip ended up getting “nabbed” by a couple of neighbor girls a few doors down who thought they’d found a stray.  They saw Brent out strolling with the girls tonight and came running out to see if it was our cat.  Apparently they’d grabbed him over the weekend, renamed him, housed him somewhere and had been feeding him.  I’m sure he wouldn’t mind having multiple homes and girls to spoils him. IMG_8811                       One night while we were cooking dinner, this wild child got into my lunch box from the day, found my uneaten banana, cracked it open and helped herself.  She’s a mess. IMG_8868                                       There is an insane amount of tumbling and acrobatics in this house. IMG_8900                       She is totally fearless, and isn’t far away from tumbling completely on her own. IMG_8916                       We headed down on Saturday morning to a yard sale at a neighbor’s house.  Lilli ended up getting some magazines, a book and…. IMG_8937

a pair of (weak) magnifying glasses.  One of her best buds recently got glasses so she wanted a pair as well. IMG_8939

Our first zucchini! We’ve had many, many, more since then! As well as a ton of squash, some cucumbers, some peppers, okra and several tomatoes have started ripening now as well. IMG_6507

That night we had dinner at Noodles and Company, and as we were eating outside we saw several hot air balloons heading our way overhead.  One of them was the TN flag balloon Brent surprised me with a ride in several years ago on my birthday (I think my 28th or 29th).  Lilli loved hearing the story of our hot air balloon experience and it was so fun to see them going by.  (And more fun not to be on it – definitely one of those bucket list things I’m glad we did but have no desire to do again!!) IMG_8960

Abbi was also pretty excited to see them, ha! It definitely added to the nice evening out on the patio with our dinner. IMG_8968

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