Father’s Day 2014

From June 15……

Father’s Day!

After church we went to a “meat and three” type place near our house we’d been wanting to try, but somehow always seemed to show up when they were closed.  The food was just okay and  a little pricey, but they were so nice and helped us to our table with all our trays which goes a long way when you have more people and their food than hands in these types of situations. IMG_8994

I was just glad I got a decent picture of Brent with the girls! IMG_1250_adj

Abbi is so wild – if she’s awake, she’s getting into something. IMG_1271

The crazy, curious, wild Toddler stage.  Whew. IMG_1273

She is so funny, she can be so shy and reserved around people in public, but when she feels comfortable she had personality coming out of her ears! IMG_1278

Big sis – this girl is QUICK!! She may be small but she is fast and graceful. IMG_1328                     Always trying to keep up with big sis….   IMG_1346

For Father’s Day, Abbi wore the same Father’s Day outfit I had made back in 2010 for Lilli.   I think it’s one of my favorite outfits I’ve ever had made and it looked so cute on Abbi as well. IMG_1311

And here’s what Lilli looked like wearing it at the same age.  These two girls look nothing alike!! img_5011_adj

Two cute girls in their Father’s Day finest! IMG_1362

Mischievous little thing.  It’s a good thing she’s so cute!! IMG_1376

Lilli was having a really hard time with Pippin, and we’re still just not sure when/what type of dog we will want to get.  I had told Lilli she could get a hermit crab, and somehow we ended up getting a guinea pig instead.  She ended up naming it Snuggly, which is what her classroom pet guinea pig (that died last fall) was named. IMG_6540                                       Somehow we didn’t manage to get a good picture of it that day – it was one of those Father’s Days where both girls were insanely fussy and Lilli even ended up getting sent to bed early – not a good Father’s Day for Brent.  Abbi was cutting canine teeth, so the whole day was just exhausting.  But you can kind of see her hiding from Hurrican Abbi under the blue shelf – she’s a white Albino guinea pig.  Lilli liked her “red eyes”.  The first couple of days she was too scared to hold it, but now she’s gotten very comfortable with Snuggly and can get her in and out of the cage and she joins us every night for story time. IMG_6545

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