Jump Jump!

From June 20-21……

I think our girls could go to the pet store every single day.  I’m glad we have several less than five miles from where we live now to frequent for this free family activity! IMG_9283                                       More pet love with her BFF Dale once we got home that evening. IMG_9291                       Poor Dale.  He’s so patient with all the tail tugging that goes on.  She ended up with a wad of his fur this particular night and didn’t hiss at her once. IMG_9292

Lilli decided to move on to lightning bug catching while Abbi stuck with harassing Dale. IMG_9304                       Being so stinking cute definitely helps you forget about what a handful she is! IMG_6580                                       Finally she gave Dale a break and started catching lightning bugs with Lilli.  This was the first time she had ever caught any and it was the last time any of these bugs were ever caught by anyone.  Poor things.  They really aren’t very sturdy to toddler catching. IMG_6577

Saturday morning we got the bouncie house Brent’s brother had passed down to us out of the attic.  It’s always been a favorite thing of Lilli’s to do in the spring/summer/fall, and somehow we never managed to get it out last year! I guess with the move and the new baby last year, it somehow got forgotten about.  This was Abbi’s first real time in something like this now that she’s a solid walker/runner/adventurer and she had a blast. IMG_6633                                       It was an insanely hot morning so we put one of the sun shades we have over the top so it would be shady and much cooler for them to enjoy it.   IMG_6645

They had a fun time playing in it, but like with most things Abbi’s attention span is mostly in getting in and out and repeating that over and over again, so she moved on to the water play table pretty quickly and then on to the next thing.  Lilli played with it quite a while that morning and then also by herself during Abbi’s rest time so we’re definitely planning to get it out more often this summer before Lilli outgrows it! IMG_9350

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