Wedding Bells

From June 21-22……

Saturday evening we got all gussied up for “Miss Devin’s” wedding.  It was an outdoor wedding on the north side of town, and on our side of town – and even on the way there – it had rained most of the afternoon.  So we were really surprised when we got there and it didn’t seem like they’d had any pop up showers that afternoon.  Lilli was really happy, because all day she’s said that Devin had told her to pray for no rain on her wedding day (when she babysat for us back in April). It was on a relative’s farm and she was driven up in an old truck and everything was very “country chic”.   IMG_9387

This was Abbi’s first wedding and she did about as well as we expected – which is not so great at all.  She’s just not one to be still, so we sat in the back row and once she got really, really restless Brent just took her to the back part of the yard so she could roam free.  She’s not one who enjoys being strapped in car-seats, strollers, high chairs or anything else that rubs on her freedom of choice. IMG_9390

They were married on the porch of the farmhouse.  It was a very pretty wedding, but WOW, it was hot outside!! IMG_9398

The reception was up in the barn and they had “glammed” it up with the curtains and filled it with tables.  Everything was really cute.  Lots of mason jars and just cute Southern touches. IMG_9402

Dinner was a Bar-b-Cutie buffet (yum!) and this girl ate her weight in their green beans.  She ate hers, Lilli, and some of mine and Brent’s.  She can put it away!! And she had no issue downing her cupcake either. IMG_6668

It was definitely a packed house! It was great to catch up with a lot of our old East Nashville friends – or as much catching up as you can do with two kids in tow.   IMG_9404                         They tossed the garter/bouquet from up in the loft of the barn.  I tried to convince Lilli to go up there and try to catch it but she wouldn’t go.  I think this is the first wedding she’s been to that she actually remembers, so she was pretty excited about the whole thing, and excited to see her friend Audrey as the flower girl.     IMG_6685

And before we left we had to get a picture with the girls and Devin.  We were all blazing hot and sweaty, so not the best look for us but Lilli wouldn’t leave until we stood in the reception line and had our picture made.   IMG_6693

After church on Sunday we did some “Paint with Water”.  I think this is probably the first time Abbi has done this and of course she made a pretty gigantic mess, but nothing we couldn’t wipe up and we managed to (mostly) keep her from eating/drinking the paint water. IMG_9422

Lilli did some watercolor painting instead.  Her artwork is so precise and colorful these days – she’s always in the lines and really does a great job making everything bright and pretty.  They were even wearing matching dresses that morning and for some reason we didn’t even get a good picture of them together!   IMG_9423

Being the horsie around here just keeps getting tougher and tougher! IMG_9529

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