Summer Nights

From June 27….

There’s Abbi – stuffing snack crackers down in my laptop bag.  If she’s awake, this girl is into something! IMG_6776

I think Snuggly is happy every day she has a cage to protect her from prodding fingers! IMG_6792                       We love, love, love Friday night picnics at Cheekwood when they stay open late.  It’s absolutely one of Nashville’s best kept secrets of things to do.  That week their new Andy Warhol exhibit had just opened, so we wanted to check that out and enjoy the nice summer weather.  We grabbed some Subway subs and our picnic blanket and headed out to Cheekwood. IMG_6798

This girl is such a mess in every possible way! She loves a picnic, too! IMG_6800                                       Lilli loves this particular spot where there’s flowers mixed in with some statues and all kinds of grand staircases where she pretends she’s Elsa and sings all the songs from Frozen. IMG_6811

The view there is amazing.  Lilli always asks us why we don’t have enough money to live there. IMG_9671

Yes, Lilli is absolutely pulling Abbi back from climbing the fence in the train area.  Five more seconds and she’d have been in there, knocking trains off their tracks.   IMG_6840                                       Hanging out in the train gazebo. IMG_9680

Brent and his girls… IMG_6853

Lilli pulling Abbi out of one of the flowerbeds.  That girl!! IMG_6867

It was so empty that Friday night that Lilli had no trouble getting plenty of time on the Clubhouse swing.  And she only flipped herself over twice! IMG_6871

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