Cheesin’ It

From June 28-30….

We have somehow avoided Chuck E Cheese on the weekends with Lilli for all these years, until the end of June when one of her school mates had his 6th birthday party there.  It’s never been that bad or really all that crowded when we go on weeknights and especially all the dozens of times I took both girls when I was on maternity leave.  Those days were DEFINITELY the best since Abbi was so easily managed and asleep in the carseat!!

The parking lot alone clued us in to how different this experience would be, and man, we had been right all along about how insane Saturdays are there.  About five different birthday parties were going on and both Lilli and Abbi were completely overwhelmed at first.  Eventually when she found some of her friends Lilli started playing but it was such a different experience having to wait for things to be open.  (Below she and her buddy Amelia are playing Skeeball.) IMG_9704

Abbi couldn’t run around too much since there were SO many kids running wild all over the place but she did have a pretty good time.   IMG_9710

She had a good time riding the carousel with Lilli and Amelia….   IMG_6894

Then they rounded up all the parties for pizza and the “show”.  Everything is very TV-screen based now, and we were all supposed to watch television for various birthday wishes and “programs” and that even cued the singing of Happy Birthday – which all 5 parties did at the same time.  So bizarre and impersonal. IMG_9724

Best buds. IMG_9733

At one point Abbi got restless and I set her down but eventually had to get up and grab her before she got too far away.  Brent captured Chuck E himself nearly running us over as he came to give each birthday kid a “High Five”.   IMG_9788

Everyone singing to Brady (in the purple crown). IMG_9760

Later that night we had some friends and their kids over for dinner.  We grilled some delicious pork chorizo burgers along with some grilled potatoes and veggies from our garden.  The kids all had a blast running around the house and playing and we always have fun catching up and jabbering.     IMG_9796

I wish this one had come out better.  Right before they left the kids were enjoying the evening and driving Lilli’s Jeep around the yard.  Since originally just the 3 “big” kids were playing, one of them was always hanging on the back.  Eventually we stuck Abbi in the front seat and Lilli and Audrey on the back while Zach drove the girls around.  So cute!! Just Zach and the girls, and when his newest baby sister arrives in November he’s REALLY be surrounded by some ladies!!   IMG_9823

Finding more and more creative ways to poke at Snuggly. IMG_9832

Monday afternoon both girls fell asleep on the ride home.  That never happens and made for one quiet ride!! IMG_6929

Spaghetti night means that little sis and her high chair must be pulled out onto the front porch to get cleaned up.  She is the messiest thing.  (And was wearing a bib.) IMG_9925                                       Sister tubbies are so much fun!! IMG_9938

And obviously are full of jokes only they can understand!! IMG_9942

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