July 4th (part 1)

From July 1 -4….

It seems Abbi got a little bored during a diaper change…. IMG_9953

It’s crazy how much the cats (and girls!) have grown since last summer. IMG_6943                                       And one of Lilli and Chip.  Probably we’ll have the last one, it seems he decided he liked our neighbors a couple of doors down better than us when we were gone for July 4th weekend.  We’ve seen him a time or two since then, but it’s been about a week and a half since he stopped by so I guess he’s got some greener pastures. IMG_6951

Lilli and Dale with her gigantic sunflowers. IMG_6959

Lilli went to stay with her grandparents for a few days before July 4th so Abbi got all our attention for a couple of nights.  Clearly she enjoyed some laid back evening walks. IMG_6973                                       We canned about 10 pounds of green beans.  It was the first time we’d done the pressure cooking method and thankfully we didn’t blow up the house. IMG_6989                             On July 4th we headed down to my parents around lunch-time.  Lilli had a little bit of home-sickness while she was gone but she had already recovered by the time we got there and was having fun making some bread and cooking in the kitchen when we got there. IMG_0078                       Abbi wasted no time getting comfortable in the garden with the flowers and cucumbers.IMG_7017                                   IMG_0099

Mom got out my old Pluto riding toy for Abbi and she had a blast riding that around the driveway. IMG_0111

Lilli and Kacey had fun playing, running all over the yard and just having a good time.  Fishing is always a favorite activity at the grandparents, too!   IMG_0087

We ran out to Walmart that afternoon and picked up a few things and some fireworks.  We didn’t anything too fancy, but Brent had a nice little “fireworks show” for us.   IMG_0138                       And Lilli (and Kacey) loved doing some sparklers! I think this is the first year Lilli really enjoyed doing stuff like that, and she put on quite the show twirling around and dancing up and down the driveway with her sparkler (and only burned herself twice…) IMG_7035                                       More twirling and dancing….. IMG_7044

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