July 4th (part 2)

From July 5th…

After we woke up Abbi got booted out to the porch with the morning coffee drinkers. IMG_0151                       And Lilli got a morning spanking from Uncle Bruce. IMG_0162

Lilli and Kacey wanted to ride their scooters for a while before Brent’s family arrived.  The afternoon before we’d bought Lilli a new scooter since we’d forgotten to bring anything for her to ride.  She’s got a 3-wheel scooter someone had passed down to her, but she needs to start really riding “bigger kid” stuff.  With all the tricycles and things we’ve gotten out for Abbi (that used to be Lilli’s) she’s always scooting around on those things instead of working on riding her bike and getting rid of training wheels.  She absolutely loved the new scooter (which is exactly what Kacey has!) and took right off on it.  It was pretty amazing. IMG_1413

Grant tried out the little Pluto riding toy….   IMG_1494

But his biggest talent was as an “Abbi Whisperer”.  The poor little thing was just so tired and out of her routine.  It’s so hard to get good naps and sleep away from home. IMG_1520                                           The older kids had a good time dying the yard various colors with smoke bombs.  Less amusing were the ones tossed over where we were all sitting and enjoying the shade. IMG_7067

Family pic.  It definitely seems odd without old Pippin in there.  It was weird with just one pup running around. IMG_1531

Little cheese ball. IMG_1430

Scooter pro. IMG_1428

She was already doing all kinds of “tricks” and showing out.  She does like their driveway a lot better because all the driveways on our street have the little pebble type concrete that isn’t quite as smooth. IMG_1468

A little cornhole game before dinner…. IMG_0227

And we had another “fireworks” show that evening.  The kids all loved doing the sparklers and Brent and Bruce had run out that morning and picked up a few more little poppy things.  But the sparklers were easily the big winner for all of them. IMG_7091                             Cousins and fire! IMG_0321

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