Around the Hood

From July 6-9….

Poor Lilli was so worn out after a few days with the grandparents and a few more running around with her cousins. IMG_0311

Back at home, Chip was MIA for a couple of days after we got home.  One night when Brent and the girls were strolling, the girls two doors down came running out with him asking if he was ours.  They had made a little spot for him in their yard and he’d gotten pretty cozy with them.  Neither cat will keep a collar for more than a day, so I’ve quit buying them for them. IMG_0373

The next day he was gone again and he was hanging out in our next door neighbor’s garden.  An outdoor cat isn’t really something you can make hang around, so if he’s decided that’s a better family for him then we’re not going to do much about it.  Chip and Dale had gotten where they were fighting quite a bit, so I think that had something to do with it, too.  I actually haven’t seen him at all anywhere in nearly two weeks, so he may have moved on even more. IMG_0382

We stopped by Abbi’s new daycare one afternoon to drop off her paperwork and all of her “supplies” (extra clothes, diapers, etc).  Once Lilli started kindergarten, we wanted to move Abbi somewhere closer to our house where Brent could also drop off/pick up, etc.  It’s been really hard the last 14 months (since we moved and I went back to work) being the only one that could conveniently drop off the girls.  It basically makes working from home impossible (have you met Abbi????) and it really doesn’t make sense to drive one in and not the other when they’re sick or even plan anything after work like a girls night.  I had started putting together a list of good schools near us and checking to see how long their wait would be when I came across a school less than a mile from us.  It’s been around about 30 years and is part of a church and I couldn’t believe when I called that a toddler Abbi’s age had turned in their notice that day to stay home.  We quickly schedule a tour and loved their program and curriculum, so we went ahead and took the spot.  They let us wait 3 weeks to start so we could get closer to the end of Lilli’s preschool time since we knew she wouldn’t be happy about being apart from Abbi. IMG_0392

Abbi’s new classroom.  She and Lilli had the best time playing (the class was outside) and we got to meet her teacher, ask any questions of the director and learn their processes that day.  When I told Lilli’s daycare director where we were going she gave us a thumbs up of approval, so that helped us know it was a solid program! While we’ve really liked Lilli’s school for the past 3+ years, there are some perks about being in a suburban school too – like an easy parking lot to pull into (versus parallel parking!) and they have two playground and all kinds of fenced lawn space.  When she’s a little bit older (the 2 yr old room) she’ll even be able to take gymnastics and soccer there.  Considering how much tumbling she already does she’ll love that! IMG_0395

Many flowers get picked in my yard each day.  Good thing zinnias are constantly replenishing! IMG_0414

The girls going out for a ride.  Aka: the babysitter. IMG_7097

Story time with Snuggly. IMG_7116

Oh Abbi.  What a ham. IMG_7123

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