Shop Girls

From  July 10-12….

One sleepy girl – one very unsleepy girl IMG_7128

The girls wanted to help me in the garden. IMG_7152

Lilli is definitely better help than Abigail. IMG_7170

We’ve already had a ton of veggies this year.  We’ve gotten a lot of squash, zucchini, peppers (lots of jalapenos and the bell peppers are really starting now), and tons of tomatoes.  Brent’s also growing all kinds of crazy peppers. IMG_7180

One night Lilli wanted to take Snuggly “for a walk”.  We put her in her little harness and took her outside.  She loved eating the clover and our next door neighbor definitely enjoyed the bizarre sight of a guinea pig out for a graze. IMG_7265

We headed to Lowe’s to check out some landscaping bricks for my flower gardens.  I’ve got massive yard/weed creep going on and we need to better define my Rose/Lily garden and my wildflowers/perennials. IMG_0520

We also came across this adorable little kid-size wheelbarrow.   IMG_0521

Of course we had to buy it.  It was way too stinking cute. IMG_0536

You saw this coming, right???? IMG_0567

Snuggly got a little more fresh air, this time Dale was around but really didn’t seem to care.  I definitely wouldn’t leave the two of them alone, but he certainly wasn’t all that interested in his furry sister. IMG_0595

We ran to the Farmer’s Market and then hit up some yard sales.  This one, in a very nice neighborhood, had a girl with a full size snow cone machine stand.  The snow cones were more interesting than their old stuff! IMG_7269

We found this old Jeep for Abbi at one of them.  It’s a good bit smaller than their other Jeep and really just needs a new battery.  It’s got a corded phone and windshield wipers that really work.  It’s really, really old and we need to add a good harness and Brent has some other plans to mod it up. IMG_0743

Lilli’s had a lot of fun driving it around. IMG_0679

We had to take a trip to the mall to get Lil some new sandals.  She can wear out some shoes so quickly that I really wanted to get her one nice pair to go with some of the cheap things she has.  Abbi more than enjoyed her spaghetti (she is such a mess!!!) Lilli loves mall pizza, so we always get the spaghetti for Abbi as the combo side and save about a million dollars. IMG_7279                                         This pretty much sums up an evening at the mall with two kids.  Hot mess. IMG_0731

But, when it was all said and done we still treated ourselves to Auntie Anne’s pretzels before we left.  Because we survived!! IMG_0747

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