School Days

From July 13-14….

We tried to get a few nice pics of the girls after church.  “Tried” being the key word. IMG_1573                     It was crazy, crazy hot and no one was having a bit of it. IMG_1597

Really, nothing good at all. IMG_1626

At least Lilli can cooperate, when she wants to.  She bought that Beanie Baby unicorn at a yard sale the day before for .50.  It still had a plastic tag protector on it, with a perfect condition tag from 1994.  She hadn’t even buckled herself in before she pulled that off.  I’m sure it’s not worth anything, but we were dying about those people who had kept it mint condition for 20 years and some kid gets it at a yard sale and within minutes has “devalued” it. IMG_1636

That afternoon Brent took Lilli to the Adventure Science Center for a “date”.  It was such an insanely hot day that it was the perfect indoor thing to do, and they said it really wasn’t busy. IMG_0785

Our standard picture with “Bones”. IMG_0795

The next day was Abbi’s first day at her new school.  We definitely rocked the pig tails for maximum cuteness.  She was certainly confused why she was getting in a different car from her sister and Brent said she was pointing to Lilli’s chair.  Kind of sad, but it’s already working out so much better for us in flexibility and will really help once Lilli starts kindergarten in less than two weeks! And it’s a great program with so many fun activities and a strong curriculum. IMG_0837

Brent dropping off Abbi in her new classroom. IMG_0839

The old truck had broken down on Brent over the weekend while he ran out to get us a pizza.  He ended up getting a push and ride home with the Brentwood Fire and Rescue (he called me but the girls were fussing and I didn’t hear my phone – which is generally somewhat hidden out of Abbi’s reach).  We had to get it towed to a mechanic (free thanks to State Farm!) about a mile from there and they fixed it later in the week. IMG_0850                       Our reality – headstands, handstands, and cartwheels anywhere and everywhere, all the time. IMG_0855

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