From July 15-16…

This little gal is into something absolutely all the time.  Thank goodness she’s pretty stinking cute, otherwise I’m not sure what we’d do.  On a side note, much of our garden produce has toddler-size bite-marks all over it. IMG_7308

And the other girl can most often be found flipping upside down, standing on her head or walking on her hands at all times, pretty much anywhere. IMG_7313

Brent had a work function one evening and I had to take Abbi with us to gymnastics.  Not fun.  Abbi is in a stage where she can’t be corralled well and the entire world is not Abbi-proof right now. IMG_7323

A few weeks ago, Lilli spent the night with one of her best friends, Amelia.  Afterwards her mom and I came up with a date for Amelia to spend the night with us and the day before the girls had their teachers help them with a bucket list of sleepover things to do.  It was beyond hilarious.  It ranged from going to the zoo (not really possible after school……) to playing Barbies and with all our pets (and Abbi!), going out for Mexican food and even some simple things like just walking up the street. IMG_1065

One of the first things they wanted to do was go and pick up Abbi, and having three seats in my van was of huge importance to the girls.  It was so funny listening to them talk in the car on the way to get her.  Such funny 5 year conversation about everything from the clouds to insider info they each had on Belle.  I love Abbi’s look like “Wait a second? Two big kids to pick on me tonight??” IMG_7331

The girls played dress up and Barbies…. IMG_0898               IMG_0904

Poor baby sister just wanted to be with the big girls.  Amelia doesn’t have any siblings, so she was always way more interested in what Abbi was doing or including her than Lilli was.  Lilli was definitely seeing the sleepover as a “break” from her duties as the big sister. We got the jumpy house out for the girls to play in. IMG_0938

We talked the girls into a Sonic picnic instead of going out for Mexican food.  It was a gorgeous, cool summer night much better suited for being outside and enjoying it than being inside a restaurant waiting around for food and service. IMG_0974

We got the Jeep out and the girls drove around the yard and up and down the street. IMG_0984                       Lilli was great about sharing and letting Amelia have a turn. IMG_1008

Best buds! Such sweet girls.  They had a great time and got everything crossed off their list including a big tubby in our giant tub, lots of play time, plenty of cartwheels and they never had the first argument or disagreement.  I let them stay up “late” until about 10 pm and they both went right to sleep with no peep all night long.  Perfect for the first friend sleepover!! IMG_1059

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