Horses and Princesses, oh my!!

From July 24-26….

Lilli had fun playing baby dolls at her grandparents during her little summer trip away…. IMG_1505

while poor Abbi had to mow our giant acre lot with her tiny little bubble mower. IMG_7464                             Brent’s parents brought Lilli back on Friday night and we went out and got some Greek food for dinner and headed to Sweet Ceces for some ice cream.  Now that Lilli is old enough to chew the Lactaid pills she loves to go there for some treats.  At Sweet CeCes you pick from a few different types of ice cream and then load it up yourself with all kinds of fruit, candy and other toppings.  Abbi’s lactose intolerance has never seemed as bad as Lilli’s, so a few bites from ours never seems to bother her. IMG_1542

Brent’s parents had let Lilli pick out this “flutter fairy” toy at Toys R Us that she had been dying for.  It lasted for a day before it broke so we took it back and she got a couple of other smaller things instead. IMG_1575

Ellington Ag Center has fun “Summer Saturdays” and we made it in on the last one of the summer on “Horse” day.  They had some fun booths and horses all around, but the big highlight was the free wagon rides. IMG_1625

The people across from us took this sweet gem.  Probably not a framer. IMG_7472                       It’s a nice little event that’s not crowded at all and I don’t think many people in Nashville know about, so we enjoy going and hopefully can hit up more of them next year when Abbi’s a little bigger and not as wild.  The girls loved petting horses and walking around the museum. IMG_1648

It was so hot and muggy that day that after rest time we finally got out the blow up princess pool.  The hot days are miserably crowded at the pool and Abbi won’t stay in any area for more than five seconds, so this seemed like a lot more fun than chasing her at the Y.  They both LOVED it! IMG_1816

Brent got it last year at Target when all the summer stuff went on clearance, so it’s a good little disposable thing for the rest of this year. IMG_1862

This is probably the most “water fun” Abbi has tolerated with splashing and stuff.  She’s had water play all summer at (both) schools and her teachers always talk about how much she doesn’t like to be splashed.  Who can blame her?? When you tan as well as she does there’s just no need for that nonsense. IMG_1902

She is a pool drinker.  And a bath drinker.  And a steal-your-drink drinker. IMG_1924                     Most of the time she still doesn’t mind being toted around by big sis. We go this week for her 18 month appointment (nearly a month late….) so it will be hilarious to see how much she weighs compared to Lilli! IMG_1964

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