Ninjas in the Park

From July 27-29….

Giving sister some applause for more in-the-house gymnastics….. IMG_1743

The phone books had arrived and were left by our mailbox.  I planned to take them straight to our recycle bin, but the girls had a great time looking through them in the driveway. I guess they are still good for something. IMG_1775

Lilli helped us with some salsa canning while Abbi napped.  She loved slicing and dicing and even using the “smooshing machine” and food processor before getting bored and heading off to play Barbies.  I’m with her, a few hours of slicing, dicing, and smooshing is about my limit, too.  Canning is a lot of fun, but a major time suck.  Our garden this year has just been way too much for us to really take care of, so while we’ve canned some we’ve also given away a lot of stuff and also had a lot just plain rot.  We have way too much going on to really be able to take care of it right now. IMG_7506

The only thing Lil really wanted to do that weekend was head to the park, so we made sure to carve out some time for it.  She really wanted to practice her ninja moves at the park. IMG_7513                       Ninja Abbi on a dinosaur. IMG_1793

Ninja Lilli climbing around the creek area.  We saw quite a few little fish that evening, and some other little girls were playing around this spot and were talking to us.  It came up that they go to the same elementary Lilli will be at, so she got pretty excited about that and wanted to follow them around (they were 2-3rd graders.) IMG_7520

Later in the week after work she asked for the princess pool to get filled back up – it was one of the strangely chilly nights we’ve had this summer and the enthusiasm of splashing in a chilly pool didn’t last long at all. IMG_1853

Brent made a little ninja training course in the backyard for Lilli and of course little sis has been all over it, too! I’m pretty sure she believes she can do every single thing her big sis can do!   IMG_1865

While Lilli and I were at gymnastics, Brent and Abbi ran some errands.  They stopped off at this extremely high end car dealership and just couldn’t understand why no one came outside to talk to them.  Our Abbi is such a mess!! IMG_1931

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