Wrapping Up

From July 30 – August 1

We headed to the library to pick up some new books and movies.  They had a good selection of back to school things out and Lilli always loves doing some of their computer games.  Our Brentwood Library is so awesome!! IMG_1963

Abbi always enjoys the toy area.  And basically running wild. IMG_1966

Brent found a bike trailer on a great clearance at Target and picked that up.  Abbi’s just a little too small for the seat on the back of the bike, so this is a better option for her for a while.  And Brent was never crazy about the seat and being kicked, poked and prodded the whole time. IMG_2007

I checked Lilli out for one last lunch with me at the “Batman Building” Chic-fil-a downtown.  We had so much fun sitting outside on a very nice day and feeding the birds some fries and just enjoying some down time in the middle of our day.   IMG_7538

She loves, loves, loves the revolving doors. IMG_7563

We went out for Mexican food for dinner.  Abbi’s in that awesome stage where if she sees a straw she wants it.  And she can’t handle it without making a giant mess.  But if she can’t have it she will scream all the screams for all the meal.  So one of us is stuck eating with one hand while holding a cup in the other one for the whole entire meal.  Eating out is not so much fun right now. IMG_2029

We stopped by REI to order Lilli a new bike.  Hers was a little on the small side and we thought a new bike might also encourage her in moving past training wheels! We were very right about that! IMG_2041

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