Sunday Funday

From August 3rd….

Some Sundays the girls are very cooperative for pictures after church and sometimes not so much.  Abbi was wearing a cute Matilda Jane that was getting a little small, so I definitely wanted some cute pictures of her running around.  The running around was the easy part.


Her “cheese” face.  She is such a ham when she sees a camera – it’s  a smile that’s nearly painful and very much reminds me of the episode of Friends where Chandler can’t take a good picture.



It’s a total cross between cute and painful and just plain weird.


But at least we can have some good candid shots.


Sweet little thing.


I think Brent definitely got some sweet shots and maybe we’ll even get a few printed and framed since Abbi’s teachers have asked for some updated family pics since the ones I have at school are from when she was three months old.


A nice dress is no excuse for not getting some work done.


Lilli was even really cooperative for some picture taking that day.


So very Lilli.


Our big kindergarten girl!


The perfect Lilli shot for right now – cartwheels and cartwheels and cartwheels.


Abbi was less than thrilled about some one on one pictures with me.


When I asked Lilli to take a picture with me she said she wanted me to hold her feet.  I have no clue what this pose is all about, but I figured I’d go with it for her, as completely bizarre as it was.


And then….this happened.  Little sis is not one to be left out of any situation that looks like it could be fun.


As good as we could get of all three girls.


A great one of me and my big girl.


Of course little sis saw this happening and got jealous.  She may be wild and independent, but she is very jealous of any attention I give Lilli.



And we tried to get a good picture of Brent and the girls.


But you just can’t win everything!


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