On the Greenway

From August 3rd-4th…

We did a lot of bike riding and worked on our street riding schools (looking both ways, watching driveways, and NOT CUTTING IN FRONT OF US AND STOPPING.)


We finally made it out to tax free weekend to pick up a few things.  Before we hit Target we stopped at “Panda Bear” for dinner.  Abbi’s fortune cookie most definitely summed up our wild child.  She is certainly full of adventure and our fearless, by the seat of her pants, child.


We hit up Target for a few school supplies.  We really didn’t have to buy anything, our school system has the option to pre-buy our supplies and they’re just there for the kids on the first day.  Much easier than running around buying everything on a list.  We did run in for a new lunchbox and a few new clothes and things (and some art supplies for home use.) Of course she picked a princess lunch box and Barbie thermos.


Excited for kindergarten!! And man, Target had been ransacked.  I was definitely glad we weren’t in need of anything specific.


Abbi’s school was closed for teacher in-service, so all took the day off and after we slept in (my favorite) we got ready to ride bikes on the greenway.  It took half the morning just to pack water bottles, snacks, helmets and then load the truck with all the bikes and drive over to the greenway separately.  Nothing we do is quick or simple anymore.  But Abbi was excited to ride in the bike trailer!


Big girl and I with a little selfie before we headed out.


There are always deer out in Crockett Park, and even though it was warm a couple of babies were hanging out near the greenway.  Lilli wanted to chase them so we let her go, thinking they’d run away quickly.


These little baby deer really weren’t that scared of her and let her get way closer than I liked before they ran in the woods!


We biked all the way from the Y out to Crockett Park and around the park a bit.  I think Brent said it was around 3 miles and Lilli did great.  She’d occasionally fall back and her little legs were pumping the whole time while we were mostly coasting.  She never complained about being tired or wanting to quit.  It was so fun to finally be doing some things like that as a family.

And Abbi’s just always happy to be included.


She’s always wanting to play down in the creek so we let her hop around for a little while and explore.  We have some great parks here in Brentwood!


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