Wrapping up

From August 5-6…

A little mommy-Abbi selfie.  She’s so obsessed with cell phones and manages to lock mine out all the time (by pushing so many wrong numbers for the passcode you have to restart it).  She’s also changed my language to Spanish before and regularly “talks” to Suri (mostly whispering “hiiiii”.


One day Brent took an extra long lunch and drove in from LaVergne to take Lilli out to lunch at the Batman building Chic-fil-a.  Since moving out of East Nashville he hasn’t been able to do much at her “old” school, so she was really excited to have him come and visit and eat lunch together.


That moment when someone is taking your picture outside the Batman building and you realize a ladybug has landed in your hair.


Lilli and I normally just walk back to work/school after our lunches, but Daddy was extra fun and they walked back up Broadway and even stopped in a candy store.  Since she’s used to going out with me and just going straight and back, she was concerned Brent didn’t know the right way back to school.


Out of all those delicious looking sweets she picked Pop Rocks – which is actually not a bit surprising.  When Brent dropped her back off her teacher asked what she’d had for lunch and naturally her answer was “Pop Rocks”.  Hilarious!  She had such a good time having lunch with her Daddy during her last week at McKendree!


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