Williamson County Fair 2014

From August 6th….

We always go to the fair every year (links to all previous years here) but for the first time this year we went with friends.  We fought through traffic and met up with Lilli’s BFF/boyfriend/fiance Serif and his family.  Last year we had a hard time finding anything she’d ride by herself, or things she was big enough to do that an adult could also do and we knew she’d have a lot more have having a buddy to ride with.

They started out small on the bumble bees.


Lilli was pretty unimpressed with the dragons.  I mean really, they are kindergartens now.  Dragons are so preschool.


We were all pretty hungry so we got some good old fried fair food and grabbed a table.  The Williamson County Fair is so great about having lots of seating.  Abbi ate her corn dog, some of my fish and pretty much anything she could get her mitts on.


They had a whole “touch a truck” area with mostly lawn mowers but the kids didn’t care.  “Touch anything” pretty much works for them.


They also had a fun Science area with some different things you could try.


We walked through the fun Kids Farming area – they get smocks and go through all these stations collecting things and then trade it out at the end for a treat.  This was Abbi’s first year to participate.


And of course the animals!! Lots of things to try and pet and plenty of award winning animals to look at.


Abbi loved getting close to the animals.  Left on her own I’m certain she would have gotten in there with them.


And we definitely couldn’t skip the goat petting area.


We for sure had to get our money’s worth out of their ride wristbands, so the boat was loading and we quickly ushered them on.  We thought it would just be a little back and forth thing – but we were definitely surprised it spun around and did some “bigger” things.  Luckily they both loved it and rode a few times.


Some little airplanes.


And they even got on some little roller coasters.  Lilli was way more adventurous with Serif there to ride with than she ever would have been on her own.  They had the best time riding these little coasters and thankfully since we went on a week night the lines were never long so they’d ride over and over again.


Another little coaster.


Poor Abbi spent most of the night in the stroller and surprisingly did so well.  Normally she would fuss non-stop, but I guess with all the things to watch she didn’t mind as much.


And she did have Pepper – Serif’s new baby sister – to keep her company in the little sis category.  Next year these two will be tearing up the Midway and sharing the lame-o Dragon ride together.


She had to give her a good old finger in the eye orientation.  That’s just what little sisters do.


And one of Lilli and her best bud at the end of the night.  They had SO much fun together and were so cute.


We literally stayed until the fair closed at 11 pm.  On a work/school night.  It didn’t open until 6 and we got there as close to that as we could, but we were just having too much fun to leave and worry about bedtimes.  The fair only happens once a year and we can sleep other times! And the babies (and big kids) were all being WAY too good to call it a night, so we closed the place down and ended with some snow cones for the kids and a funnel cake for us.  It was SO much fun and I can hardly wait until next year to see what these two (and the little two!) ride together.


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