Saying Good-bye

From August 7th-8th….

The night before Lilli’s last day at McKendree she insisted we make brownies.  And of course these brownies had to be absolutely laced with sprinkles, inside and on top.


Girls just being girls in the tub.  I seriously can’t believe Abbi still sits in her bath chair.


I made one last crazy over-the-top lunch for Lilli.  A (class of) 2027 PB&J sandwich with purple sprinkles.


When we were picking out her outfit for her last day she told me she wanted to wear her fanciest dress “so everyone would remember how fancy she was”.  I definitely couldn’t ignore that request so she picked out her favorite dress and it just so happened that that morning her morning glory vine bloomed for the first time.  She’d planted dozens of them early in the summer but for some reason they had not flowered and we were a week or maybe less from just pulling them all up.


Running up the street to McKendree.


Knocking on the glass at Ms Gina.  It’s definitely a strange feeling not going there every day now.  After going there for years now, I’m pretty impressed that I’ve only driven the wrong way once so far in the last couple of weeks.


It was definitely very, very hard to say good-bye to all the teachers, kids, and parents there.  McKendree was an amazing place for Lilli to learn and grow and we never once had to truly worry about the care she was receiving.  We’ve had a blast in her time there and she’s been on all kinds of amazing field trips – from the Library to the Symphony and even private tours of the Predators Ice Rink and Locker Room.

Lilli with her teacher, Mrs Danielle. (Mrs Ryan braided her hair that day – there’s no way I could do that!!)


And with her teacher Mr Anthony.  She loved Mr Anthony and she was in his room just shy of two years.  She had moved up really early because a couple of her best friends moved up early, and during our last parent-teacher conference he showed me some of the pictures of her when she first moved up and she was TINY! Mr Anthony drives a Jeep and she’s dying for us to get a Jeep again so we can be like him.



And Lilli with the daycare director, Cindy.  It may have taken us years to get her into McKendree, but I’m so glad we did.  Having her so close to my office for years was amazing – from being able to go on the majority of field trips to even just being able to knock on the window and wave while walking around downtown.


That night we definitely needed some ice cream to unwind! We grabbed some lactose pills and headed to Sweet Cici’s.


Me and the crazy little.


Trying to be like little sis.  Cute little freckle face.


Good times at REI as we headed towards our new adventure – kindergarten!!


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