Summer Finale?

From August 9-10….

It’s so weird to call that weekend “the last weekend of summer”, but with school starting earlier and earlier, I guess it was officially our last weekend of freedom before starting “real” school.  It’s definitely going to be an adjustment to our vacation schedule to work around school breaks now, especially since we’re used to taking our bigger trips in the fall and she only has a 2 day fall break in October.  It’s just the new normal.

We had a pretty low key weekend planned since we wanted Lilli to be pretty well rested going into the week and her kindergarten assessment Monday morning.

We took Snuggly out in the yard for a “walk”.  I think if we got about 300 more guinea pigs we wouldn’t have to mow the yard.



Snuggly and Dale, living in harmony.  I still wouldn’t trust the two of them alone.  Sometimes Dale does get very curious about the pig.


The Hintons invited us over for a cookout and swimming Saturday night.  The big kids hopped in the pool while they were grilling up some bison burgers.  Right as we started eating it POURED the rest of the night.  POURED.  So Brent, Abbi and I never even got a chance to go swimming! We were so disappointed.


But Lilli at least had a great time the first part of the evening (and playing inside later).  We can’t wait to put a pool in here once Abbi is just a little bit bigger.

Lilli cracks me up.  She can fly through the air with such grace and is fantastic at gymnastics, but she can seriously be such a clutz at times and her legs are always so bruised up that we feel we could be questioned at any time.  Such is the life of a ninja gymnast acrobat.


At one point Abbi was “missing” and we found her plugging away on the computer.  She is such a stinker.  We had a great time catching up with Tim and Wendy and can’t wait for their baby girl to get here so Abbi has a “little” to play with! And of course Lilli threw a fit leaving and wanted to stay and spend the night with Zach and Audrey.  We definitely miss all our East Nashville and Riverwood friends.

Also, how cute is that chair? I definitely need to find out where Wendy got that because I want to re-do our office and make it more feminine and less 1985.


Coming out of church Sunday morning, Abbi has to walk like a big kid and do everything the way sis does.


Sunday afternoon we went to the pool for a while and didn’t get any pictures until it was closed down for the afternoon.  It was actually a really nice, non-crowded day for it and we even ran into one of Lilli’s old daycare buddies.  On the way home she started complaining about her ear hurting, and her allergies had been totally messed up all week so I definitely felt like she could have an ear infection.  We ran by urgent care around 6 and they confirmed the ear infection and had to call it in at one of the 24 hour places since everything closes early on Sunday.  Thankfully we think we caught it fairly early because after her dose that evening and the next morning she said her ear was fine – perfect timing with Kindergarten starting that week!!!!!


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