Kindergarten Phase-in

Aug 11-13….

This week was one crazy in-between week for us as Lilli was in “kindergarten phase-in”.  Every other school district had already started in the area, and all the older grades had started the previous Friday, so there weren’t a lot of options of things for Lilli to do.  Actually, there were no options.  But thankfully I can pretty much work from anywhere and was able to schedule my week with lots of work from home time.  Our new normal has become me working from home every morning from around 6:30-8 until Lilli catches the bus, and then heading into the office.  By rearranging my day like that I’m lucky to not have to stay in the office forever since our kindergarten start time is so late.

So every morning looks a bit like this now: me in the office working and Abbi in her chair eating breakfast and enjoying some cartoons while Lilli snoozes and gets to wake up on her own, usually around 7:15 or so.  I know Lilli is loving the extra sleep, and even though my wake-up time hasn’t adjusted at all I really enjoy having breakfast and coffee while I work and not rushing out of the house every morning like a crazy person like we’ve been doing the last few years.


Monday morning we had her kindergarten assessment.  One of the kindergarten teachers took her in a room and asked a few questions.  She told me one of the things she asked was for her to count as high as she could – she told me she stopped at 100 because she got bored.  My smart girl! It only took about 15 minutes and we were done.


I had a meeting I needed to be at that afternoon, so Brent came home around lunch and we swapped off.  It has been so great having Abbi at the daycare close to our house with all the flexibility we need right now for Lilli’s schedule.  Brent treated her to an afternoon at the park and they basically had the place to themselves.


They had a lot of fun running around, and of course had to cap it off with a Sonic grape slush.


We ran to the mall to get her a new pair of tennis shoes since she’s not allowed to wear sandals every day and every kid needs new shoes for the first day.  We had food court pizza/pasta, which has to be the worst food there is.  We also got baby sis some Twinkle Toe light up shoes which has to be the cutest thing ever.


Tuesday I worked from home all day and Lilli had the best time just playing princesses and entertaining herself. That afternoon we had Abbi’s 18 month appointment (about 3 weeks late).  She’s 95th percentile for height and 55th percentile for weight! So crazy! I compared it to Lilli’s stats for that same appointment, and she’s about the size that Lilli was at 2 years old.  She’s already not a fan of Dr Rauth, but since her next appointment won’t be until her 2 year birthday maybe she’ll have a chance to forget about all the shots she’s had the last 18 months.  It was definitely an exciting moment to realize our next appointments will just be the annual birthday visits, and she won’t need any more shots until she’s getting ready for kindergarten (except for flu shots).


She’s starting to enjoy dress up more.


On our way to gymnastics Tuesday night we stopped to see which class Lilli was in.  She was excited to see she got Mrs Parks, the same teacher who did her assessment.  We read over the list of her future classmates and headed on our way.


Wednesday was another prep day for the kindergarten teachers, so I arranged a playdate with Lilli and her friend Audrey.  They saw (a few times) and had the best time playing all day.  We needed a few last minute grocery items and unfortunately one of the giant car buggies was available.


One of about 800 reasons why I don’t like the car buggies which are impossible to drive with absolutely no turn radius.


Little miss riding bicycles the night before her very first half day of kindergarten!


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