Kindergarten Kick-off

From August 14th-15th…..

Lilli’s first “day” of kindergarten was really just a half day with only the girls in her class.  They’d be staying through lunch and all we knew is that we were supposed to bring a favorite stuffed animal for her to share.  I dropped her off that morning and instantly got stuck in the car rider line before we found a parking spot and walked in together.  We found her classroom and introduced ourselves to her teacher.  I took a picture of them together, but for some reason it didn’t get saved on my phone.  We’ve looked and looked but it’s just not there.  Definitely upset about that one.  From there, I left her sitting in the hall reading books and waiting for class to start.  She wasn’t sad or clingy, so I was definitely happy about that, but it for sure felt weird to leave her in such an unfamiliar place.

Brent went to pick her up and she was all smiles.  When she told me four of the six girls in her class brought unicorns to share I knew she was with a group she’d have a lot in common with! She was wearing a necklace they made, and it sounded like they learned a lot about the rules, did some art and got to enjoy the playground (where she ran into a girl from gymnastics class).


Brent’s parents came up and spent the night to help us out and spend some time with Lilli.  At her request, they went to Chuck E Cheese and had a ton of fun playing games.


Some good scores on Deal or No Deal earned them a ton of tickets!!


After some Mexican food we all enjoyed some time out in the yard enjoying the summer evening.


The next day while Brent and I were at work and Abbi at school, Lilli and her grandparents went to the zoo.  She’s been asking and asking to go to the zoo lately, so she was really excited for them to take her and from all reports they had a blast.

Feeding the birds some nectar….


In the reptile house….


The kangaroos were actually fairly close to the path.


And enjoying a snowcone on the warm day.


For dinner we all went out to Noodles since that’s one of our favorite places to eat.  Abbi loves some macaroni and cheese!


Our branch trimmer gets used way more for boomerangs, balls and Frisbees than it does to actually trim any trees.


The craziest thing happened – Chip came back! After being gone for over a month, she just came walking up one evening.  He and Dale had a huge fight when he came back and were at odds for a couple of days, but are getting along now.  We really don’t know where he’d been, but he came back skinnier, hungry and kind of worn out looking.  When we were gone July 4th weekend he’d starting hanging out with some kids two doors down.  We thought he might have just “moved in” with them, but after a while we didn’t even see him at their house.  I’m not sure what kind of adventure he was gone on, but now he rarely even leaves our yard, so he seems to be back for good.


And consignment season is well underway.  I had two sales happening at the same time to tag for, so I had a lot of late, late nights getting ready for that.  I’ve got one more to go soon and will hopefully sell a ton more winter baby girl clothes! So far I’ve done great clearing out the things Abbi outgrew from last winter and hopefully by the time this last sale is over I won’t have much to carry over for next year.


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