Happy Birthday Amelia!

From August 16th…

Lilli was invited to Amelia’s birthday party at the Build-A-Bear store at Opry Mills on this Saturday morning.   The party was at 10 and I didn’t realize that the mall doesn’t open until 10, so as we ran up to the Disney store a few minutes before the party it didn’t dawn on me at first that they weren’t open yet.  There was a big box in front of the door and Lilli got the job of helping “wake up all the characters” for the day.  I knew they did this at Disney, and she got to help wake up the pool one day when we were there, but I had no clue they did this at the store.


She had the full Sorcerer’s ensemble to wear and got to keep a special necklace.  Apparently they do this every day at the store, so showing up right at opening might be a fun treat to do some other time!


We ran in, made a quick purchase of some princess gear, and ran across the hallway to the party.


Meanwhile, Abbi and Brent stayed at home and had a good time.  I knew Abbi would grow impatient at a party like Build a Bear where there’s a whole lot of waiting for your turn.


Lilli picked an octopus that she named “Lots” (as in “Lots” of legs).


And meanwhile at home….


It was a bit of a rough morning for Lilli.  She was tired from such a big and busy week of phasing into a new school, adjusting to new teachers and friends, and a busy time with grandparents.  Temper tantrums were on high alert and being in a store for several hours of “I Wants” was just a bit much.  The group picture did not go well.


Meanwhile at home, another tired girlie.


After pizza and cake Amelia’s parents gave all of the kids two tickets to ride the carousel.  She had a great time in the spinning teacup with BFF Amelia and Sebastian (another former daycare classmate) and his little sis Miranda.


That night we tried the Five Guys near our house.  Our verdict: INSANELY overpriced for our family (no kids menu? Come on now.) and it really wasn’t that good.  But we can say we ate there, once.




We did a little bit of office supply shopping that evening for me to work on some of my consignment things and Lilli bought this little purple calculator.  She’s totally in love with it and rides up and down the street adding house addresses and plays with it in the car all the time.  She’s our little math girl!


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