They’re Not All Framers…..

From August 17th…

It cracks me up at times how people on social media assume that all of our pictures are always so natural.  The fact is that we take a TON of pictures most every day and only a few are “share worthy”.  By sheer odds, and our great luck at some pretty cute/quirky kids, we just have solid odds at getting something good.

But not every Sunday (in particular, with cute church clothes on) goes that way.

This day had shaped up to be a good one – two matching Matilda Jane dresses I’d found at a consignment sale – had been pressed on Saturday night.  Of course it had POURED down during church and was raining so bad we had Brent wait through the “car rider” line at church to get us, followed by a quick trip to Target for a last minute rest mat needed for kindergarten, plus lunch at Qdoba = two tired girls by the time we got home for a picture.

Cranky and wrinkled.

Fit 1: Lilli.  Probably at having to take a picture.  Or maybe Abbi walked out the door before her.  Or maybe Abbi looked at her wrong.  It could be any of those scenarios.


Fit 2: Abbi.  It could be that she only had two things to drink out of and she needed three.  Or maybe she only wanted one.  Or most likely it was because he sister was touching her/attacking her/near her.  Probably all of the above.


But at least Lilli knows how to put a game face on.


Looking cute with sis pulled out of the shot.  And by cute I mean horribly wrinkled with a several hours old Elsa braid falling all over the place on an insanely humid day.


It looks less wrinkled on a sidewalk with an arm pose.


Did I mention the humidity? Not a friend to our hair that day.


And the best we did of the three of us.  Which will likely not end up in a frame anywhere.


We did get this cute one of Abbi at lunch that day.  That girl loves to dip, but she needs to get her mitts out of momma’s guac!!  I don’t share!


After I dropped some things off at a consignment sale I ran to the grocery store for the week and picked the rest of us up some frapuccinos from Starbucks as a treat.  Naturally she was jealous so I gave her my leftover tumbler from my workout the night before.  You’d thought she won the lottery.  Or a frapuccino.


So the night before the first (real/full) day of kindergarten the girls got their matching Frozen jammies on and sang along with Elsa for a while to wind down before the following BIG day!!


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