The Tale of Two Buses

From August 19 – 22….

So the next few days of school left us with someone with an attitude about like this in the evening:


Even though she was posing for that we’re still having a LOT of issues with her just being SO tired and exhausted at night that she’s talking back, can not listen to a word we say, and just generally being a bear to be around.  There are definitely some things I’ll do differently in the months leading up to Abbi starting “real” school that I wish I’d known better about for Lilli. I think all of the listening and focus all day just throws her into crazy town for us at night.  Lucky us.

I got a break one Tuesday night to shop the pre-sale at a sale I had put stuff in, and then immediately had to go to another one to drop off more stuff.  So Brent had the fun task of taking Abbi along to gymnastics.


It’s always fun occupying her curious soul at the gym (not).


Abbi’s interpretation of “blue water” is much more minimalistic than her classmates.


Some after school riding.


So after about the second day of school Lilli asked to start riding the bus in the morning.  We’re all for this because of the time saving for us in the car rider line, and even though she’s a kindergartener we’ve asked enough questions to feel good about it.  They put the K kids in the front and have assigned seats, and since we’re one of the last stops before heading to school she wouldn’t get on until 8:04 for their 8:35 start time.  That’s only about 5 minutes earlier than I’d leave to drive her anyway, so we were all excited to hear she was ready (thanks to several other kids in her class bragging about riding!)

So, once again I called the school to check on what to do and they told me all I had to do was be at our street’s stop (about 4 houses down) at the time on the website.  Easy Peasy.

She could not have been more excited that morning and asked me about 3 million times if it was time to walk down yet.  Right around 8 we started heading down and we saw the bus coming right away! I snapped a quick pic and helped her get on only to be stopped by the driver – this was a special needs only bus! Also going to the same school, but apparently the other little boy on our street rides it.  (His dad has since told me he has “behavioral issues” so he didn’t have any sort of handicap obvious to us and he’s hoping next year he won’t be on that bus.  My guess is maybe ADD because the boy seems really nice and is plenty social to us in the morning.) The driver told me our bus should be right along behind him, so we stood in the hot sun and waited.  And waited.  And waited some more.  Lilli started getting sad and frustrated and I was in the same boat.  Around 8:15, several minutes after we should have left I had to tell her it didn’t seem like it was coming.  We had to run back to the car and race to school, barely making it in time.  Lilli was in tears and so disappointed.


And then I had an awesome drive to work.


I called the school and the WCS transportation department and they guessed since no one else on our street rode the driver had already cut us off his route.  So nice considering kindergarteners had only been in for 4 days at this point! They promised he’d come the next morning.

That night we had a Girl Scout meeting at her school to hear more about the troups and meet some of the others joining.  When I saw that they were raffling a special Girl Scout Barbie I knew what might happen if she didn’t win.  And sure enough, her name wasn’t called.  And then this incredibly tired, worn out girl climbs in my lap and is just dying on me.  DYING.  The sweet organizer asked me what was wrong and I told her she was just so tired from the week and wasn’t handling the loss well.  And I told Lilli we could go right home and order one on Amazon but nothing was working.  Seriously, she was SOBBING.  And the sweet organizer of our district pulled another one out of her bag “of a different ethnicity” she had brought just in case and she saved Lilli’s life.  So sweet.

Kindergarten is no joke.


Abbi loves to sneak into Lilli’s cozy corner and look at books.  This is best done in secret when Lilli isn’t home.


And the week started to pick up on Friday when Bus Driver Don made his way down our street, perfectly on time, and Lilli got to ride the bus.  She sits in the second row with a little boy named Locke that she came home so excited to tell me also lives in Brentwood.  She LOVES riding the bus and still jumps up and down every day when she sees it. And after the first day she requested that I don’t take any more pictures of her on the bus!


So with that we survived our first full week of kindergarten.  Was it pretty? No, not at all.  But we did it!! And in 4 years we can do it all again with this one.


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