Week 2!

From August 25 – 29……

Week 2 of Kindergarten started with a request by Mrs Parks to bring each child’s favorite book for the week for their literacy work.  I tried and tried to convince Lilli to bring something other than her favorite book on Snakes, but she was more than set on bringing it.  It’s probably best Mrs Parks learns about Lilli’s reptile obsession early on!


We had kindergarten orientation that night and finally got to spend some time in the classroom and see where she sits and hear more about their schedule and what they’re doing.  Since it was from 5-7 and kids weren’t allowed, Brent didn’t get to go since someone had to be with the girls.  It was great getting to meet her teacher a little more and some of the other parents, and we discovered that one of Lilli’s best little friends is actually the daughter of someone we went to Freed with.  She’s not someone we were close with (she had a totally different major outside the school of Business) but her roommate was also an Accounting Major so we were around each other some.

Abbi, being Abbi.


She has important calls.


Cartwheels, handstands, tumbling all the time.  She got an extra stamp at the end of class tonight for having a great cartwheel.


We’re supposed to do twenty minutes of homework each night, of our choice.  We don’t always do it (gotta make the most of these fall nights until winter is here!) but we do try.  At orientation we were given a handwriting workbook and math workbook, and she also has a math website to work on and then our nightly reading.  Whew.  Of course Abbi has to be in the middle of everything!


Brent thought Abbi’s outfit was a horrible 80’s throwback on this day.  So mean!


We’ve had quite a few cicadas singing in the trees lately (but NOTHING like this year) and one night when we were playing the girls started collecting some shells on the ground and on the tree.  Abbi was definitely interested in these little creatures and their very fragile shells.



We kept pretending they were still little bugs and would attack her with them and she thought it was hilarious.

And with that, we survived the second week of kindergarten and had Labor Day weekend ahead of us to enjoy!


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