Good-bye Bugs!

From August 29th….

The first thing we did for Labor Day weekend was one last Friday night picnic at Cheekwood.  This was the last Friday they had extended hours before going back to their usual 5 pm closing time, so we definitely had to take advantage of our favorite Friday night activity.


After we ate the girls ran around – Lilli had a great time being a mother hen to baby sis.


This was also the final week for the awesome Big Bugs exhibit so we had to revisit a few of our favorites before they’re gone.  Now they’re busy resetting the grounds for fall with thousands of mums, scarecrows and pumpkins.


Both girls wanted to climb all over the rocks.  At some point there’s no doubt in my mind that one and possibly both of them will end up in the pond.


Obviously lots of Elsa singing was going on, as is the case anytime Lilli scales anything.


Just cheesing.


As we looped back through the herb garden the girls stopped for a minute or two to enjoy the bluegrass band playing.


One last Friday night headlock shot.  We’ve had so much fun taking advantage of their extended summer hours and several picnics this summer and definitely plan to do it even more next year – and hopefully even make a date night there for Brent and I where we can kick back and just relax in the gorgeous gardens!


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