Hats and Cats

From August 30th…

We spent most of our Labor Day Saturday around the house.  Abbi and Chip rode a tricycle.


Both girls hung out with Dale……


One of the projects I wanted us to work on was adding a border to the Rose/Lily flowerbed on this side of the yard.  The grass has been terrible about growing in it and the whole thing has looked awful all summer.  Brent had to spend forever just getting the grass out.


Luckily he did not have to work alone.


Break time! Ha!! They are all 3 such a mess.  The only 3 dudes at this house! (Of course Chip has gone on another adventure and it’s been over a week since we’ve seen him.)


I bought a coupon book for this next year so we headed out to Genghis Grill for dinner.  We haven’t been there in ages and probably won’t go back without another coupon (even with it they didn’t have great options for kids and the whole thing was pretty chaotic).  But, it was POURING when we got there and still POURING when we left and this really nice guy came back out with two umbrellas and held them over us to help us get both girls in the car.  How nice is that? Only in the South.


We headed over to Michaels to check out the holiday gear.  We were much pleased.  I predict a gliterry Halloween in our house.  Also, Lilli does not mind a bold print.


Also, they have a lot of hats this year and we don’t mind that a bit.


We tried a lot of them on and had a blast! Considering how many kids I know that have had lice lately we’re probably playing Russian Roulette here…..


Sweet girls in the cozy reading area.  Best buds.


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