Babies in Boots

From August 31-Sep 1

With fall coming it was definitely time to start getting out some of Abbi’s cute boots (hand me downs from big sis handed down from another friend.) And she was adorable!! Even though she was pretty rotten at church that morning we had a ton of people telling us how adorable she was.

Bloomer Fail.


She is such a little mess.


My favorite.  This one definitely needs to be on a frame on my desk so that people will realize I have more than one kid.  Who isn’t a baby anymore herself.


Our cute little blonde haired, blue eyed wild child!!


Abbi was about halfway up the bunk bed ladder, so we helped her the rest of the way up (she is SUCH a climber).  That was a lot of people up in a bunk bed!


We had gotten to know one of the mom’s in Lilli’s kindergarten breakfast at the boo-hoo breakfast and then she and I had also chatted for a long time at Orientation and really hit it off.  It helps that our girls have become best buds and both go to the after school program.  She sent me a text asking us to come over for a cookout/playdate.  We had a great time getting to know them and some other families better, and of course the kids had a wonderful time playing.


Lilli’s new friend had a little brother about six months older than Abbi, so the two of them were adorable together just chasing each other around and playing.


Their swingset was a huge hit for all the kiddos.


The next morning Serif (and his parents and baby sis) came over to play.  Somehow not a single picture was taken?? I think they were all playing chase here, but I’m not entirely sure.  They all had a great time playing and visiting.  I’m definitely trying to make more conscience efforts for playdates and social times and I’m so glad they were all able to come out for a visit.


The rest of the day we were fairly lazy and tried to enjoy some rest time.  I ran to the grocery store and made the discovery of a lifetime – lactose free Vanilla Bean ice cream.  I got cones and the works for everyone and it was a huge hit!


You know you have a lactose intolerant kiddo when they look at the cone and ask if they can eat that part! Um, yeah! This stuff was great and none of the 3 lactose intolerant people in my house had any issue with it afterwards, so two thumbs up for Breyers and their new item! And bonus points that it’s lower fat so we can just eat more of it!

We had a great Labor Day weekend with the perfect mix of rest and work around the house and fun with friends.


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