Intro to Fall

From Sept 2 – 6…..

Brent bought a new cross bow.  Abbi was just upset it wasn’t pink.


The toughest thing about fall approaching is just not having many hours of daylight in our evenings anymore.  That doesn’t totally stop these girls and their light up shoes from playing outside.


On Library Day Lilli brought home this Frog book.  This girl just loves her reptiles and amphibians and insects!!


Pile on Momma!


On Saturday we knew it would rain that afternoon so we spent as much time as possible outside before the storm came in.


They can fight like cats and dogs, but they can also be so sweet together!


We canned a batch of tomatillo salsa from our three plants we had.  It was so delicious!!


While I was folding laundry Lilli was having a snack of craisons.  I told her Brent and I had seen them growing in Massachusetts on a trip years earlier and that led her to asking all about our wall of travel photographs.  She’s dying to go to all those places, and revisit all the ones she’s been to but can’t remember.  She’s my little travel bug and I can’t wait for her and her sister to get older and enjoy traveling more.


After eating at a fish place near our house we hit up TJMaxx for some Halloween goodies.  I can’t wait to get this place decorated for the holidays!


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