From Sept 8 – 11….

A stick bug discovery in the yard made for all kinds of fun….


Dale was also rather interested in it and was responsible for it having a few less legs than it originally had….


We made our last batch of salsa for the season – a triple batch.  We cut it just a tad close in the pot……


My lap has been the source of much fighting and jealously lately and is rarely empty.  And that Abbi – goodness!! She is such a mess!


One part of Lilli’s lengthy good night routine involves some daddy-daughter dancing and some acrobatics where she pretty much flies through the air and grabs the ceiling.


She is totally fearless.  I can see her being on the top of a cheerleading pyramid one day.  Or winning an Olympic medal.


Your sister is not a kitten.  Also, I think it was crazy pants night.


I hit up the pre-sale for one of my favorite consignment sales.  Kirsten and I have been shopping (and now selling) there for years.  I did great this consignment season and sold most of Abbi’s old clothes from last year.  It feels great to be downsizing!!


I bought Lilli lots of cute things for this winter, a couple of new things for Abbi (since most of Lilli’s hand me downs don’t even look worn….) I saw several cute dress up/costumes and got a few new things for each of them.  Lilli was definitely a lot more excited about her new costume than Abbi was! I’m sure soon enough she’ll be excited to play dress up.


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