From Sept 14….

Last Sunday the girls wore some matching Matilda Jane dresses to church and I was hoping we’d get some cute pictures since everything on my desk at work is well over a year old.

And so Abbi got her camera face ready.


I don’t even understand why she does that when she sees a camera.

Since it was Sunday and this time of year is heavy on football, some tackling did take place in the photo shoot.


Dale has been more than happy to step up in the photo-bombing category since Pippin passed away.


It’s like the camera physically hurts her.  Mercy.  She is such a mess.  That’s a “smile”.


Playing “high-five”s.  They can be so sweet together, when they want to.


Our big almost 6-year old.  She is loving kindergarten and this afternoon asked if I can pick her up later because she doesn’t get enough play time after school.  She’s still tired and highly emotional, but it seems like she’s starting to get over some of the kindergarten exhaustion from transitioning.


Such a pretty girl! Love all those freckles!


And then we have our Abbi.  Goodness.  What would we do without our little ham??? Never a dull moment without her around, seeing what she can get into.



A natural smile.  Such a little cutie pie with her little blonde pigtails and blue eyes.


Toddler feats of strength!


Cartwheels of perfection! Our little Mary Lou Retton.


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