From Sep 15-16……

Abbi has found a new love and it’s Mickey Mouse clubhouse! She get so excited every morning to watch it while she eats breakfast.  It’s definitely a huge milestone for her to be interested in something and for her to sit still for about 15 minutes.  It’s at least a start!


Monday night I had to head to pick up my leftover items from the last consignment sale I did this season and Brent took the girls to the park.  They pretty much had the place to themselves (always nice).


Even though my pick-up went really fast as early as it gets dark now it was pretty much sunset before I made it to the park to meet up with them.  So we headed next door to the library so Abbi could run wild with her shoes off.  And also get a few new books and movies.


Abbi made a new best friend.


Also, I go through a bottle of Spray and Wash every single week.


Before gymnastics the girls had fun playing outside.  Lilli’s new leo is so adorable – I found it recently with the L already monogrammed on it at a consignment sale!


Both girls absolutely love to be tossed up in the air.  Lilli can absolutely fly.


And then little Abbi wants to do everything big sis does.


Two little cuties.


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