Mostly Abbi

From Sept 17-19….

If Abbi gets too quiet, odds are she’s found something too good to resist, that she knows she shouldn’t have.  Like my tumbler left in the playroom floor after the evening before’s workout.  Mmmm, day old water.


I’ve started pulling out Lilli’s hand-me-down winter clothes as it starts to get cooler outside.  Abbi is so much bigger than Lilli was.  A lot of what I’m pulling out is never going to last for Abbi all winter – the poor thing was stuffed like a sausage in these pajamas!


Two girlies playing dress up together.


Friday mornings Brent makes his awesome, best in the world, scrambled eggs for us as a TGIF treat.  He didn’t make any for Abbi because she doesn’t usually eat much (she also gets breakfast at school) but that hungry child ate most of his, and then started taking Lilli’s by the handful while her back was turned.


Knowing the fit that would come from that, we shooed Abbi away and she saw I had some in the office with me where I was working.  Naturally I was her next stop on her breakfast tour.  That girl is such a mess.


Anything with a cord is likely to be used like a phone.  No clue why, since we haven’t had a corded phone for years before either girl was born.


And the highlight of Brent’s week and probably month – his new Iphone arrived Friday night.  It definitely got these girls’ attention.


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