Fall Festin’

From Sept 20:

We had a nice and insanely rare Saturday where we didn’t have anywhere that we had to be, so we decided to check out a free Fall Festival at a church nearby where a lot of our college friends attend.  They had all kinds of fun stuff for the girls, and we got to run into several “old” classmates.  Abbi had a blast on the smaller inflatables.


Lilli loved the huge slide, and Brent took Abbi several times, too.


Lilli loved the big slide and would just fly off the top and down it.


They had lots of little games for the kids that both girls had fun with.


They had burgers and hot dogs and this little girl’s favorite: Doritos!


They also had a car show going on, fire trucks and police cars for the kiddos and free popsicles/ice cream from an ice cream truck.  Abbi loved the small games and Lilli loved the inflatables, so we split up for a while at the end so they could each do their favorite things a few more times.  Lilli ran into two of the girls from her kindergarten class so she was in heaven flying down the big slides and running around.  It’s so nice she’s at an age where she’ll buddy up and just play without us.


It was HOT and we were burning up so we finally had them wrap up their fun and headed back to the car.  Lilli was tired so she hitched a ride with baby sis, who didn’t mind a bit.


These crazy sisters are having too much fun together!


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