Science Fun

From Sept 21…

Lilli insists on walking her sister to the car after church every Sunday morning now and it really is the cutest thing.  Pretty nerve-wracking with all the traffic, but so adorable.  Also, she will certainly tackle, pull, and shove her into doing what she wants her to do, so she does keep her “safe”.


Lilli has been begging and begging to go to the Science Center lately, and we haven’t been much this summer because we’ve been soaking up the outdoors and spending our time at Cheekwood with that membership.  Since we didn’t have much going on that day we changed clothes and loaded up right after church to go.

Waiting on Brent to pump some gas.  So many important calls to make.


We’ll definitely spend a lot more time there this winter when it’s cold all the time, and it’s so nice to have a membership and just go and play for awhile without worrying if you see it all.  And since it’s tax-deductible it’s a huge win-win that not a lot of people have figured out yet.  One of her favorite things is the pulley – and at 35 pounds she can’t even make it budge.


Abbi hasn’t been to the Science Center much since she’s been big enough to walk, usually it’s something Brent and Lilli do for Daddy-Daughter dates.  She had a blast running around and playing in the toddler area especially.  (She’s playing in the train here.)


We had lunch at Subway (which does take coupons from the paper/entertainment books, score!) and enjoyed some of the best views of the city.


This picture of Brent and Abbi reminded me so much of this one of me and “Abbi” when I was pregnant.  A lot has changed!!


And we always take her picture with “Bones”.  I didn’t realize it, but the very same trip I just posted a link to above was our very first trip to Adventure Science, and her very first picture with Bones.  MAN, she has grown!! Poor Bones won’t even be visible soon!


Somebody got Science’d out.


We’ve been talking about “it” for a while, but that evening Abbi forced the issue.  When we were setting the table for dinner she drug the step stool in and sat down on it like a chair beside the table.  I guess this was our hint she was ready to sit with us.  So we did her one better and got the booster seat pulled up to the table.  We’ve kept it downstairs for a while because we’ve threatened Lilli numerous times with it if she won’t stay in her chair (and quit falling out of it.)


She was pretty thrilled with her new digs.


I can’t say she’s my best dinner companion.  She does this at the end of every meal.  And she also likes to flip her plate over when she’s done.  I think she’s got a long way to go before she’s much on table etiquette.


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