Spirit Week!

Sept 22 – Sept 26…..

The girls are really happy to be even closer to each other at the dinner table.


I could do without the extra set of hands on my plate, dropping off unwanted foods…..


Last week was Spirit Week at Lilli’s school.  It was the end of their fundraising campaign (instead of selling stuff they just ask for donations).  Each day they had different dress up themes – from Moustache Day to Wacky Wednesday and this particular day was Team Tuesday.  Luckily we have ONE sports item in each girl’s closet!


This paper from her unit on senses cracked me up – totally agree with the good smells, and she LOVES coffee so that doesn’t surprise me.  But I’m not sure what about butter bugs her??


One night Brent took the girls to the park while I needed to do some shopping (it was on her PJ Day theme).  It’s starting to get dark so early now that we hardly have any outdoor time, which is definitely depressing and the down side of fall.


Our friendly neighborhood raccoons eat Dale’s cat food every night and really aren’t scared of us.  If they weren’t so rotten and nasty they’d be cute.


Friday afternoon I had just gotten home and Brent was going to pick up Abbi before we got Lilli at school and headed straight to her Fall Festival when I got a call that Abbi had a fever.  Poor thing was running a 102 fever and was pretty pitiful.  So, change in plans and she wanted Momma and Brent took Lilli to her Fall Festival.


They had all kinds of stations of Science, jumpy, games, etc.  Each grade has a different colored shirt they’re supposed to wear on Fridays.  Kindergarten is green (and will stay green for her years there).  It’s pretty neat seeing the kids around Brentwood in their shirts, but Lilli’s is absolutely enormous – so big she literally can’t wear it.  I got the smallest size they offered, but she’s so tiny I think I’m going to have to go a custom route on Etsy.


They had cotton candy, which is always her favorite.


She mostly wanted to play on the playground with her friends, and show off her moves on the big Spider.  She pretty much lives on this thing and I see her playing on it every afternoon when I come to pick her up.  And she has some serious bruises to prove that she’s made a few missteps.

I’m glad she had fun at her Festival and had a great Spirit Week – complete with her very first pep rally – and hopefully next year Abbi and I can go, too!


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