Getting Well

Sept 28-29….

Abbi was still running a pretty decent fever on Sunday morning of around 101.  She just couldn’t knock it, and while we try to keep the two of them apart that’s pretty much impossible.  A big sister is a great chair for watching a little Mickey Mouse clubhouse.


A neighbor two doors down had gotten out their Halloween decorations on Saturday, so we got ours out.  I vow I’ll do a better job of not having a tangled mess of lights for next year.


We manged to get all the indoor and outdoor decorations up, with lights all over the shrubs, ghosts in the trees, and lights and decorations all over the house.  I even managed to get all our fall candles and soaps swapped out and the summer ones packed away until next year.


The mantel all decorated for Halloween.  This year I’ve added lots of glittery and sparkly skulls and pumpkins to our mix.


Brent got the spiderwebs on the outside, and since then our neighbor has added hay bales and pumpkins for us leftover from a fall festival.  We’re definitely looking festive.



Another one of the features of Abbi sitting at the table with us is that once she’s done and has adequately tossed her leftovers in the floor she wants to get in my lap.  So she tries every manner of squirming out and laying back in her chair to make that happen.


The result of cupcakes and macaroni and cheese.


Seriously.  I didn’t know a cupcake shoved in your mouth could somehow also end up all over your feet.  This is the reason we don’t plan on buying anything nice until she’s at least a year older.


Monday morning she still had a 101 fever so Brent took her to the doctor and we found out she had an ear infection.  She hadn’t had a cold or anything so it definitely took us by surprise.  She’d been sleeping pretty good and had mostly just been running the fever and been extra clingy/whiny.  And no ear tugging.


Poor thing conked out after her doctor’s visit.  I think she’s only had one other ear infection, back in January.  We’ve definitely been lucky.


She’s in love with Mickey, Minnie and the gang lately!


That day I had signed up to read stories to Lilli’s class.  Three days a week right after lunch parent volunteers come in and read for twenty minutes.  She also wanted me to have lunch with her, so I ate in the cafeteria (chicken nuggets) and sat with her friends.  It was so cute seeing all the kiddos eating together.  She picked a few of her favorite stories and she got to sit in a special chair next to me while I read.  The kids were all pretty well behaved and it was fun seeing some of the kids I’d heard about but not met before.


Abbi slept from around 12:30 until when I woke her up at 4:30 (I worked from home that afternoon so Brent could go into work.) She seemed to break the worst of her favor and she and Lilli were back to climbing on and flipping all over the playroom.


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